About Us

RB Properties, Inc. has been a respected leader in the Washington, DC commercial real estate market

for over thirty years. RBP offers unparalleled expertise in real estate acquisitions and portfolio

Management for historically significant office buildings, apartments, hotels and restaurants at

preferred locations throughout the DC area.

R B Properties, Inc. ("RBP") was originally founded in 1979 (as R B Associates, Inc.) by Richard D. Bernstein as a real estate acquisition, development, and management company in Washington DC. Locally owned and operated for three generations, RBP combines a distinguished reputation and long tradition of successful acquisitions and management of properties with strong historic/architectural character. The RBP management philosophy embraces the original character of these properties, which results in unique settings, while our DC roots allow us to respond to clients’ need and requests quickly and efficiently.

The RBP portfolio consists of approximately one and one-half million square feet of Washington DC commercial space – including office/retail space, hotels and apartments, and restaurants – all in prime locations. These properties include distinctive DC architectural styles such as Federal, Victorian, Beaux-Arts, Tudor, Contemporary, and Retro.

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RBP employs over 650 employees, all of whom are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to guests and tenants, whether in an office building, hotel, apartment, or restaurant. RBP is divided into two divisions - one that oversees the commercial DC lease space and rental properties and one that oversees the hotels and restaurants.

RBP is continuing its growth by pursuing plans to build 150 more hotel rooms, as well as 100,000 more square-feet of residential and commercial space.

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